Friday, October 2, 2015

Why Do Pretty Girls Only Hang Out With Other Pretty Girls?

Maybe it's human nature, but from high school I've  noticed that pretty girls only want to be associated with girls that are equally pretty. When I refer to pretty girls, I'm not talking about their looks. These are the girls who wake up extra early in the morning to comb their hair, put on loads of make-up, and pick out the cutest outfit to wear at school. Let's not forget the loads of perfume they wear. I'm basically referring to high-maintenance girls. Think Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and somewhat Nicki Minaj.  These girls obsess with looking their best all the time. I'm not trying to make these girls feel bad because there's nothing wrong with looking your best, but the problem comes when some of these girls, not all,  look down on other girls who don't dress to impress often. This was a big problem I felt in my high school. Sometimes it felt like the pretty girls thought they were more superior because of their looks.

Of course these girls only hung out with each other because they wouldn't be caught dead with a girl with frizzy hair, glasses, and a cute shirt. In high school, some of these girls would make fun of girls who had frizzy hair or a weird looking outfit, I never understood why. Especially when I see pretty black girls make fun of other black girls's hair. All of our hair is kinky some may be less kinky, but it didn't make sense. Just because the pretty girl spends $60 at a salon every two weeks to get a relaxer doesn't make her better than the girl that gets a $5 box perm. Keep it mind this is before natural hair was being embraced. Sorry about my rant.  Yet, that was a high school problem. Let's hope the "pretty girls" matured and realized that there is more to life than being pretty. If you are a pretty girl in high school, be nice to the girls who don't walk the hallway like it's a runway. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

So What's Good? Fall TV Show Reviews

Fall is officially here and the new change of weather brings us new shows and returns of others. I was able to binge on a couple of premieres and returns last week thanks to Hulu, and wanted to share what I thought . Be warned, spoilers may appear in the upcoming summaries, so proceed with caution.


Scream Queens (Tuesday 9/8, FOX)

Someone described this show perfectly as a mix between Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story. It revolves around a sorority that is being targeted by a devil mask wearing villain who is killing them off one by one. The two hour premiere featured celebs Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas, and has KeKe Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis as regulars So with four of my faves in the premiere, you'd think I love the show right?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Dreams Deferred: When Your Dream School is Out of Reach

If you had asked me what death was in junior high, it would have been staying in Montgomery my whole life. Actually it's a well known fact among my generation and the one before us. My high school economics teacher even urged us all to gt out as soon as we could so we wouldn't be trapped here for the rest of our lives like he and others had been.  Not that Montgomery is the worst city ever. It's filled with historical significance and great food, but everyone knows that the city is a dead zone for anyone looking to thrive in the arts. So when I discovered SCAD -Savannah College of Art and Design- I knew that this would be my one way ticket out. SCAD would be thriving with creative people, in a big city, and the Atlanta campus was  only 2 hours away from home. So you can imagine my excitement when I opened my inbox one night and saw a
"Congratulations!" email from SCAD.

I literally cried. I had actually gotten in!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hottie on The Look Out: O'shea Jackson Jr.


O'shea Jackson Jr., or as his fans call him O'Bae is the latest hottie on the look out. "O'shea, won't you swing my way?" Who would have thought Ice Cube's son would have been super cute? Don't get me wrong, Ice Cube isn't a bad looking man. Heck my roommate thinks the three moles on Ice Cube's face are super sexy.   Let's take a moment and enjoy the offspring of Ice Cube.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Serena Williams Is The Perfect Example Of Waiting Until After College And Then Get A Boyfriend


Serena and Venus Williams are my two favorite female athletes. I remember watching the two play tennis back when they rocked braids with white beads. Seeing Serena still killing the game is amazing. She will be in the history books in the future and she'll definitely need something to keep her legacy going like the Michael Jordan shoes. Whether you love her or hate her she's the reason many watch tennis this year. I wanted her to win the U.S Open semi-finals, but sadly she lost. I don't know what went wrong. I know deep down she's hurting because she made it so far. So naturally, I'm going to blame Drake for her lost. When the internet exploded about the two dating, I was happy for Serena because I'm a fan. I didn't support her dating Drake, but it's her decision. Drake has had a crush on Serena since forever.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Fund a Study Abroad Trip

Do you find yourself constantly dreaming of exploring faraway lands? Have you been browsing your school's study abroad catalog, dreaming of going away, but fearing the price? Don't let the big price of studying abroad turn you away. There are plenty of ways to turn your wanderlust dreams into a reality. I'll share some of the tips I used to raise money for my own trip abroad as well other ways you can use to help pay for your trip.

Start Saving NOW

This is a no brainer for anyone working up towards a big financial goal. Make sure you set aside a percentage of your paycheck or any other money you receive towards saving for your trip. This money will build over time and can put a dent into expenses. If you currently don't have a paying job, this is the perfect time to look for one.

Look for Scholarships

There are national and international organizations are dedicated to help young travel enthusiasts explore the world. Some of these are specific to certain schools or towards certain countries/regions, but finding one that works for you could mean some extra money towards your trip. Also, check with your university to see if there are any scholarships available to students studying abroad. I applied to a study abroad scholarship  at my university and earned $500 towards my trip.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

If These Male Celebrities Went To College

I have a huge imagination. This imagination is one perk of being the only child.  One day I was thinking about celebrities and what type of person they would be if they attended college with me. Here is my take on the type of college students some of these guys would be.

The Weeknd


Lately, I've been obsessing over The Weeknd. If The Weeknd went to college, I would notice his hair before his face. (Side note: There is a guy that currently attends my University that has the exact same hairstyle as The Weeknd.)  Anyway, The Weeknd would smoke pot in his filthy dorm room.