Waxed Eyebrows Disaster

2:43 PM

Last month  my friend and I got our eyebrows waxed. This was my first time waxing my eyebrows. My friend previously got her brows waxed at the same place before. I was nervous, not because of the pain of getting them wax, but how my brows would look afterward.
The wax felt warm against my skin and getting them ripped off felt like removing a tough bandage. After getting them waxed, I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. My eyebrows were too thin, and they were arched in a weird way. It made me look mean, kinda like Michelle Obama eyebrows. I tried to put on a brave face while I was around my friends, but once I was in my dorm I cried the entire time. I felt so self conscious about my eyebrows. If you don't know anything about eyebrows, you must know that eyebrows take forever to grow back which was why I had a panic attack the entire day.  I later bought an eyebrow pencil, which did help. However, make sure you don't buy a black eyebrow pencil because your brows may look too dark.  Now my eyebrows are slowly growing back and looking better. I thought I was the only girl going through the wax eyebrow disaster, but I'm not. Actress Megan Good tells Wendy Williams the same problems with her eyebrows. Good decided to get her eyebrows tattooed on her face, that way she will not stress about the looks of her eyebrows.   

What beauty disaster did you experience? Bad hair cut, too much eyeshadow? Comment below

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