40 Things I've Accomplished In College

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These are some pictures I didn't post on social media. Hey sometimes I like to be as private as Beyonce'

Sometimes I tend to focus on all the things I didn't accomplish in college. To fight off the negative energy, I decided to make a list of all the things I've accomplished in college so far. I originally wrote fifty things I've accomplish, but, I narrowed it down to forty. Check out my list.

1. Attended more than four football game.
2. Made friends with international students.
3. Attended a school's play.
4. Attended more than four basketball game.
5. Lived on campus and actually got along with my roommates
6. Lived off campus in a wonderful apartment.

Apartment life! 

7. Attended a baseball game. I only attended one because baseball is not my type of sport
8. Met more than 10 people.
9. Ate dinner in the dining hall alone.
10. Ate dinner with friends.
11. Joined an honor society.
12. Passed all my classes so far. I can knock on wood.
13. Went on a date.
14. Had a girls night.
You're not a true college student until you had one of these
15. Had a Harry Potter movie night.
16. Got an on campus job
17. Took a challenging elective. (T.V News Practicum, Psychology, and now Acting I)
18. Went to church more than once while in college
19. Read some of the Bible.
20. Read a book not recommended by a  Professor. My favorite was Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
21. Skipped class more than five times
22. Went to a step show. I don't know why, but step shows are always so hot.
The Fault In Our Stars was another book I read in college.
23. Went to a comedy show.  I went twice and one of the comedians used the same jokes two years in a row.
24. Received less than five hours of sleep. Once I only got 2 hours of sleep.
25.  Attended Bible study.
26. Went on a road trip. I went to Panama City twice, both were pretty random times
27. Attended a college party.
28. Taken more than 12 credit hours at a time
29.Slept at a friends house.
30. Went to an on campus career fair.
31. Flirted with a guy... It was embarrassing. To this day, I still think his friends talk about me behind my back. I felt slut shamed. No worries, Amber Rose is fighting for my rights as I'm  typing this.
32.  Did an internship
33. Had a shopping spree
34. I made the Dean's list more than 3 times
35. I've made straight A's.
36. I've spent the summer somewhere else other than my home town.
37. Took a summer class
38.  Drank coffee for the first time in college.

Starbucks spelled my name right! 

39.Got my licence. I revived them after my first year in college at 19.
40.Watched shooting stars.

Share  some things you've accomplished in college, or in your regular life in the comment section. 

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